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The Spartanburg dental team at Skylyn

A Breath of Fresh Care in Spartanburg

At Skylyn Dental Associates, you’re more than just a set of teeth to treat. Each and every patient who walks through our doors is an important member of our patient family with unique needs that require thoughtful, intentional care. That’s why Dr. Paul Gibas, Dr. John Dunbar, and Dr. Adam Brantley are fully committed to dental excellence in Spartanburg by offering world-class treatments in a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, so you can feel confident about your smile and oral health.

Your Trusted Dentists in Spartanburg

Dr. Paul Gibas, Dr. John Dunbar, and Dr. Adam Brantley consider it their privilege to be your trusted dental advisors in Spartanburg. Together, they share a passion for creating healthy, beautiful smiles that last a lifetime. It is each doctor’s mission to help patients take charge of their oral health and feel truly confident in their smiles.

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Life at Skylyn Dental Associates

Warm, rustic touches. Calming natural light. TVs in the operatories. It’s the little things that count. Our friendly, knowledgeable team is dedicated to enhancing every detail of our office to provide a smooth, relaxing appointment experience from start to finish.

Our Spartanburg dental officeInterior of our Spartanburg dental office

“Today was my first visit at this office and everyone was so friendly and so helpful! I am so glad I chose this dental office! Definitely recommend them!”

-Jessica Y.
Five stars

“Always quickly in and easy check out process. My dental hygienist Melissa is amazing. Always takes care of my needs and addresses my concerns. The staff is friendly and I would recommend this place to anybody. I have been coming here since 2018 and my cleanings are always up to par. I even had all four wisdom teeth pulled out with no issues.”

-Alexandria C.
Five stars

“The entire staff is Awesome; at least the ones I’ve dealt with are. The prices are fair. Probably could shop around and get slightly cheaper, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I’d rather spend an extra $10 or so to get this level of dental care.”

-John H.
Five stars

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