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Emergency Dentistry in Spartanburg, SC

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At Skylyn Dental Care, Dr. Paul Gibas, Dr. John Dunbar, and Dr. Adam Brantley experienced emergency dentists. Whether you’re having a toothache, you’ve broken your tooth, or you’ve lost a tooth completely, we have the skills, advanced technology, and experience you need to resolve your issue quickly. Call now at (864) 573-9255 to schedule an emergency dental appointment in Spartanburg immediately.

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Get Your Same-Day Emergency Appointment

We know that dental emergencies don’t happen on a set schedule, which is why we offer same-day emergency dental care for all of our patients in Spartanburg. If you’re having an emergency, please call us at (864) 573-9255 to schedule the care you need.

While we do accept walk-ins at our office, which is located at 1585 Skylyn Dr. Spartanburg, SC 29307, we ask that you call ahead if possible. This allows us to prepare for your appointment and provide faster, more effective care.

What To Do In A Dental Emergency – FAQs

What Should I Do If My Dental Work Has Fallen Out?

First, you should recover your dental work, if possible, and put it into a small container. Then, call Skylyn Dental Associates. Losing a filling or crown is a serious issue, because the underlying tooth is weak and may be more prone to damage and decay. You need to get your tooth fixed as soon as you can.

What Should I Do About A Severe Toothache?

A severe toothache usually indicates an infection, which is a serious dental emergency. You need to see our Spartanburg dental team as soon as possible. They may recommend root canal therapy to clean out the infection, restore the tooth, and eliminate your pain and discomfort.

What Should I Do About A Chipped, Broken, Or Cracked Tooth?

First, recover any tooth fragments you can, and call Skylyn Dental Associates for a same-day emergency appointment. Even a minor dental injury could cause deeper issues with your tooth, so even a minor chip or break is a big deal. Until your appointment, you can absorb blood, if present, with clean gauze or a paper towel. Taking over-the-counter medicine like ibuprofen can help with pain, and icing the cheek near your damaged tooth may also help with pain and swelling.

What Should I Do About A Loose Tooth?

Loose teeth can happen due to gum disease, oral injuries, osteoporosis, and lots of other things. However, a loose tooth usually does indicate a serious oral health problem, so you should contact Skylyn Dental Associates for an appointment immediately.

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What Should I Do About A Knocked-Out Tooth?

You need to come to our office immediately. Recover your tooth and put it back into the socket or into a container of cold milk. You need to see one of our dentists within 1-2 hours to have your tooth splinted back into place and restored, or it will die. Don’t wait. Call us and come into our Spartanburg practice ASAP.

Not Sure If It’s An Emergency? Call To Find Out!

If you’re not sure whether you’re having an emergency, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You can give Skylyn Dental Associates a call at (864) 573-9255 or contact us online to talk to our team and find out if you need emergency dental care, and to get the same-day treatment you need in Spartanburg. Don’t wait. Call today.