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Oral Surgery in Spartanburg, SC

Why Is Oral Surgery Important?

Oral surgery can be intimidating, but it’s often necessary if you have serious oral health issues. Some oral health problems can only be resolved with surgery, so it may be the best way to preserve your remaining teeth, eliminate pain and discomfort, and restore your smile. Contact us now to schedule an appointment in Spartanburg today.

Exam/Operatory Room

What To Expect At Your Oral Surgery Appointment

If you are undergoing anesthesia for your oral surgery, you may need to prepare in advance by fasting (avoiding eating and drinking) for at least 8 hours before your appointment. You should dress comfortably and wear loose clothing.

Before your procedure begins, Dr. Paul Gibas, Dr. John Dunbar, or Dr. Adam Brantley will clean your mouth and numb the treatment area. Then, you’ll be sedated for your comfort. We offer a variety of options in our Spartanburg dental office including minimal sedation with laughing gas, as well as oral sedation and IV sedation to help you sleep through your surgery.

Then, your dentist will perform your operation, and the particulars of the procedure will vary quite a bit depending on your needs. You’ll be relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire process. When you’re done, you’ll be sent home with a set of instructions to follow as you heal and recover.

Oral Surgery Options


Whether you have a damaged or decayed tooth that can’t be saved with an alternative treatment, or you need to have your wisdom teeth extracted, our team is here to help. Dr. Gibas, Dr. Dunbar, and Dr. Brantley offer a gentle, conservative approach and will only recommend tooth extractions if truly necessary.

Bone Grafts

A bone graft may be needed if your jaw bone is not strong enough for a dental implant. In this procedure, an opening is made in your gums and jaw. Then, artificial bone granules or powder are packed into this opening, which is sutured shut. Over time, the natural bone heals around this area, strengthening it sufficiently for a dental implant.

Sinus Lifts

A sinus lift is the same as a bone graft, but it’s done in the upper jaw. This procedure is a little more complicated because your sinus lining is located very near your jaw bone. To perform a bone graft, the sinus lining must be safely lifted out and away from the jaw. Then, bone material is packed into the area, and it’s sutured shut to heal.


This is often done as part of a tooth extraction procedure. Alveoloplasty smoothes out the sharp, bony ridges around the socket of an extracted tooth, which helps prepare your mouth for tooth replacement with a denture, dental bridge, or a dental implant.

Consultation with your Spartanburg dentist

Tori Removal

A mandibular torus (plural tori) is a bony growth that usually occurs on the bottom of the lower jaw, near the sides of the tongue. These growths are harmless and affect about 27 out of every 1,000 adults. However, if you are getting dentures or another tooth replacement, they may interfere with the proper fit of your dental prosthetic and will need to be surgically removed by Dr. Paul Gibas, Dr. John Dunbar, or Dr. Adam Brantley at Skylyn Dental Associates in Spartanburg.