6 Common Causes Of Bad Breath (Halitosis)

6 Common Causes Of Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Everyone gets bad breath every once in a while. But if you have bad breath that won’t go away, this is called “halitosis.” And while it may be nothing to worry about, halitosis can sometimes indicate that there’s something wrong with your oral health. Read on, and learn more about the top six most common causes of bad breath in this blog from Skylyn Dental Associates.

1. Eating Certain Pungent Foods

If you eat a lot of strong and pungent foods as part of your diet, your breath may stink. Foods like garlic, onions, tinned fish, fish sauce, and other foods that are very strong in smell can lead to bad breath. The smellier a food is, the more likely it is to make your breath smelly.

This is really nothing to worry about, and goes away pretty quickly. To help things along, just brush your teeth after you eat, and consider chewing gum or eating breath mints if you find that your breath tends to stink after eating strong-smelling foods. 

2. Poor Oral Hygiene

If you’re not brushing and flossing properly or regularly enough, this means that plaque builds up in your mouth. Plaque is a clear, sticky, bacteria-filled film that coats your teeth and gums. Bacteria smell foul to humans, so a buildup of bacteria will cause your breath to stink.

To keep your mouth healthy and prevent bad breath, make sure that you’re brushing at least twice a day for two minutes with fluoride toothpaste and floss once per day. Also, you should come to Skylyn Dental Associates for teeth cleanings and oral exams every six months.

3. Gum Disease

Gum disease happens when plaque builds up between your teeth and your gums. This is a serious oral health condition that can result in permanent tooth loss and damage in the long term. 

One of the first signs of gum disease is often bad breath that won’t go away, even after brushing and flossing. If you notice that you have halitosis and other symptoms like tender, bleeding, and discolored gums, come to Skylyn Dental Associates for gum disease treatment right away.

4. Tooth Decay And/Or Infection

Tooth decay happens when oral bacteria consume sugar and excrete acid that damages the outer layers of your tooth. In serious cases, this can completely destroy the outer layer of the tooth, causing the tooth to become infected. The buildup of bacteria from tooth decay and infections can cause your breath to smell stinky.

5. Dehydration And Dry Mouth

Saliva helps wash away bacteria, food particles, and other debris from your mouth. If you’re dehydrated or your mouth is dry, your mouth will not be able to clean itself as effectively. This can lead to bad breath, as well as a higher risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health problems.

6. Smoking And Oral Tobacco Use

If you’re a smoker or use other types of oral tobacco like chewing tobacco, the tobacco itself can make your mouth smell foul. Tobacco use also dries out your mouth, which makes your breath smelly and can lead to further oral health issues.

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6 Common Causes Of Bad Breath (Halitosis)