Can You Reverse Gum Disease?

Can You Reverse Gum Disease?

Are you worried about gum (periodontal) disease? If you suspect that you’ve got gum disease, you may be hoping to reverse your condition and restore your oral health. But is it really possible to completely recover from gum disease?

The short answer is “yes,” but only if you catch it early. Learn more from Skylyn Dental Associates now, and see why it’s important to contact us right away and get help from Dr. Paul Gibas if you think you’ve got gum disease.

Gingivitis, The First Stage Of Gum Disease, Is Reversible

The first stage of gum disease is called “gingivitis.” This is the most common type of gum disease. And the good news is that it is completely reversible. In gingivitis, bacteria cause gum inflammation and swelling, and can cause some other problems like bad breath (halitosis) and sensitivity.

However, the infection is not serious enough to spread into your teeth or jaw bone, or damage your gums. Basically, this means that gingivitis doesn’t do any permanent damage to your oral health, and is reversible.

To reverse gingivitis, you’ll need to come into Skylyn Dental Associates for a deep cleaning (scaling & root planing). This helps remove bacteria from between your teeth and gums. Along with good at-home oral hygiene and a few lifestyle changes, you can completely eliminate gingivitis and restore the health of your gums.

Advanced Gum Disease Is Irreversible, But Can Still Be Treated To Protect Your Health

So, what happens after gingivitis? The second and third stages of gum disease are usually called “periodontitis,” and “advanced periodontitis.” They are not reversible. In these stages, the infection spreads from your gums into your teeth and jaw bone, causing permanent damage to your oral health. Your teeth may loosen or even fall out of your mouth completely in later stages of gum disease.

But there’s good news. More advanced cases of gum disease may not be reversible, but they can still be treated with surgeries, antibiotics, and other specialized treatments. With the proper periodontal care, you can restore your gum health, prevent further damage to your teeth, and smile proudly once again. As long as you get the proper care, your condition won’t get any worse.

However, you will need specialized gum care and cleanings for the rest of your life, and you must be extra careful about oral hygiene. If you don’t take good care of your mouth, it’s entirely possible for your gum disease to come back. 

Worried About Gum Disease In Spartanburg? Come To Skylyn Dental Associates Today!

If you’re concerned about your gum health, getting help ASAP is important. If you catch your gum disease early, Dr. Gibas can work with you to reverse and eliminate the infection. And even if you’re in the later stages of gum disease, our team will provide the care and guidance you need to prevent further symptoms and protect your oral health. So don’t wait. Contact us online or give us a call at (864) 573-9255. We’re always accepting new patients in Spartanburg.

Can You Reverse Gum Disease?