Chipped A Dental Crown? Here's What To Do

Chipped A Dental Crown? Here's What To Do

Modern dental crowns are usually made of porcelain, and are really strong. But just like natural teeth, you can still chip your crown in some situations. But don’t worry. By following a few simple steps, you can have your chipped crown repaired or replaced at Skylyn Dental Associates in Spartanburg and protect your oral health. 

Why Would My Dental Crown Break? Understanding The Common Causes

There are a few reasons that dental crowns can break or chip. The most common cause is natural wear and tear. Over time, your crown could weaken. Old crowns could chip or crack when you bite into a piece of food.

Teeth grinding can also contribute to chipping, since it puts lots of strain on your crown and your natural teeth, too. Dental crowns can also chip due to damage from an accident like a fall or a blow to the face while playing sports.

Biting or chewing a hard piece of food or non-food object could also damage your crown. For example, if you open a bottle with your teeth, tear open a plastic bag with your teeth or accidentally bite down on a really hard popcorn kernel, you could chip your crown.

What To Do After You Chip A Dental Crown – Our Recommendations

First, don’t panic. Chipping a dental crown is a dental emergency, but it’s not as serious or time-sensitive as some other emergencies, like a knocked-out or loose tooth. Here’s what you should do once you notice the chip:

- Check the severity of the chip – If the chip is small and has smooth edges, you can usually safely wait a day or two to get care. But if the chip is large and has jagged edges, you may want to get help from Skylyn Dental Associates immediately. A severely damaged crown could cut your mouth, or expose the delicate tooth material below to decay.

- Contact us for emergency care – No matter the extent of the damage, you should call Skylyn Dental Associates. We offer same-day emergency care in Spartanburg. Our team will discuss your situation, and find an appointment that works for your schedule.

- Consider applying dental wax to the chip – If the chip is large and jagged, applying dental wax to it can help prevent it from cutting or irritating your mouth. You can get this special type of wax at most drug stores.

- Don’t chew on that side of your mouth – Until you have your crown repaired or replaced, it’s best to avoid chewing on that side of your mouth, when possible. You may also want to consider eating softer foods until your tooth is fixed.

- Come into our office for treatment – Once it’s time for your appointment, come into Skylyn Dental Associates. Dr. Paul Gibas will examine your crown, and determine whether it should be repaired or replaced. 

Got A Chipped Or Broken Crown in Spartanburg? Come In Today!

If you have chipped, cracked, or broken a crown in Spartanburg, Skylyn Dental Associates is here to help. We offer same-day emergency care. Dr. Gibas and our team are standing by to restore or repair your crown, and help you get back to your day-to-day routine ASAP. Contact us online or give us a call at (864) 573-9255 to schedule a consultation today.

Chipped A Dental Crown? Here's What To Do