Why Do My Teeth Hurt? The 5 Most Common Reasons For Tooth Pain

Why Do My Teeth Hurt? The 5 Most Common Reasons For Tooth Pain

Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. So if your teeth are hurting in Spartanburg, you may be wondering what’s causing your tooth pain, and what it means. In this blog from Skylyn Dental Associates, our Spartanburg dentists take a look at five of the most common causes of tooth pain and sensitivity.

1. Worn-Down Tooth Enamel

Over time, your hard outer layer of tooth enamel can become worn down. Brushing your teeth too hard, eating a highly acidic diet, and not using fluoride toothpaste can contribute to this.

As your enamel gets weaker, this raises your risk of tooth sensitivity. If you feel sudden jolts of pain or discomfort when you consume really hot/cold foods and drinks, this could be due to worn-down tooth enamel.

2. Gum Recession

The gums tend to recede somewhat with age, and gum recession can be worsened by gum disease. As the gums pull back from your teeth, this exposes the roots of your teeth to heat and cold. 

The roots of your teeth are very sensitive, so you may notice discomfort and sensitivity when you’re eating or drinking. The good news is that proper gum care can help reverse gum recession in minor cases of gum disease, and other treatments like gum grafting can help if you have severe gum disease and gum recession.

3. Tooth Decay (Cavity) Or Tooth Infection

Tooth decay happens when the bacteria in your mouth feed on food particles, then excrete acid which eats away at your tooth enamel. If left untreated, tooth decay will lead to a cavity (hole in the tooth).

Cavities can cause sensitivity and tenderness, especially to hot and cold foods and drinks. If left untreated, a cavity can lead to a tooth infection. Tooth infections are the most common cause of serious, painful toothaches that won’t go away.

Whether you suspect you have a cavity or a tooth infection, it’s important to get care right away to treat tooth decay, eliminate tooth pain, and restore your oral health.

Why Do My Teeth Hurt? The 5 Most Common Reasons For Tooth Pain

4. Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

If you grind and clench your teeth together at night, this puts a lot of stress on your teeth and their support structures. Untreated teeth grinding can lead to tooth wear, and can also cause oral pain.

With proper treatment such as a night guard for teeth grinding, you can reduce the stress and strain on your teeth, and eliminate this common cause of oral pain. Night guards also prevent damage to your teeth due to bruxism.

5. Worn-Out Dental Work 

If you have old fillings or dental crowns, they can wear out over time. This can lead to tooth pain and sensitivity, since the weaker tooth material under your dental work will be exposed to the environment of your mouth.

Fillings usually last up to 10 years, while crowns can last 10-20 years or longer. If you’ve got some old dental work in your mouth, replacing it may help with your tooth pain.

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